PR013 – Bring That Beat Back Archive Link: PR011 – BFF – Take A Van My house tried to kill me last week. I had to see a doctor & get a tetanus shot. I survived. I couldn’t stop thinking about a song by The Faint.Take Me To The Hospital became the seed of this show. Everything But The Girl & Oakland’s […] Archive Link: PR013 – Bring That Beat Back

It all started with an electronic track in a coffee shop. I thought, man, when are we finally gonna get that soundtrack from Johnny Jewel. Not the one he put out that we didn’t ask for, but Dear Tommy. It’s coming. (Well, the mp3s are here , but the vinyl is still coming.) In the meantime, let’s go back to 2012 and revisit B/E/A/T/B/O/X by G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y. No, that many slashes is totally not annoying to type.

Very excited for new music from Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie. What is it, 1995 again? Bowie released an EP called “No Plan” exactly one year after his birthday, just short of one year after his death. It’s eerie. It’s brilliant. The guy had some serious musical and artistic chops. New Reznor puts me in the mind of old Reznor, back when I was an angry young lad. It works for middle age, too. Same but different.

Continuing to play every song on the Warpaint and Duchess Says albums. Both among my favorite releases of 2016. (See previous show.) Songs going out to my daughter from Liars, Savages, and Frank Black. Some TV Girl, Helado Negro, and Chook Race thrown in for good measure.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First Hour:

  • 6:01am Beatific by Glass Candy on B/E/A/T/B/O/X (Italians do it better)
  • 6:05am Song About Me by TV Girl on Who Really Cares (Self-Released)
  • 6:09am Lengua Larga by Helado Negro on Private Energy (Asthmatic Kitty)
  • 6:14am We Awake by Doldrums on The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Sub Pop)
  • 6:17am Think by Post Industrial Noise on The Official Post Industrial Noise Anthology (Medical Records)
  • 6:24am Academic by New Order on Music Complete (Mute)
  • 6:30am Give Up by American Wrestlers on Goodbye Terrible Youth (Fat Possum)
  • 6:34am Start Anew by Chook Race on Around the House (Tenth Court)
  • 6:37am Creation Myth by Sunflower Bean on Human Ceremony (Fat Possum)
  • 6:42am Nietzche by The Dandy Warhols on Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (Capitol)
  • 6:48am Burning Bright (Field On Fire) by Nine Inch Nails on Not The Actual Eventws (The Null Corp)
  • 6:54am Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult on Spectres (Columbia)
  • 6:58am Simple Death by Chelsea Wolfe on Abyss (Sargent House)

Second Hour:

  • 7:04am Only Human by Cold Showers on Matter of Choice (Dais Records)
  • 7:07am Flower Of Sex by Merchandise on A Corpse Wired for Sound (4AD)
  • 7:12am Mask Maker by Liars on Mess (Mute)
  • 7:16am No Face by Savages on Silence Yourself (Matador)
  • 7:20am Broken Face by Frank Black on Frank Black Francis (SpinArt)
  • 7:22am A Question of Time by Depeche Mode on Black Celebration (Mute)
  • 7:26am Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads on Sand In The Vaseline (Sire)
  • 7:30am No Plan by David Bowie on No Plan (Sony)
  • 7:34am Bills by Ultimate Painting on Dusk (Trouble In Mind)
  • 7:38am Hotel Orlando by Atlas Sound on Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 (Self-Released)
  • 7:41am Justine, Misery Queen by Honeyblood on Babes Never Die (FatCat)
  • 7:46am I Shot All The Birds by The Blind Shake on Celebrate Your Worth (Goner Records)
  • 7:50am By Your Side by Warpaint on Heads Up (Rough Trade)
  • 7:54am Talk In Shapes by Duchess Says on Sciences Nouvelles (Slovenly)
  • 7:56am Hysterical Strength by St. Vincent on Strange Mercy (4AD)

Author: djwikiben

DJ based in Berkeley, CA. Originally from Omaha, NE. Lived in Madison, WI for a while. Musical omnivore interested in electronic, garage, britpop, indie rock, hip-hop, funk and soul, among other things.

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