Playlist, WSUM, 2015-04-14

Trans Am, ECT Vol. 1, Purity Ring.
Trans Am, ECT Vol. 1, Purity Ring.

First Hour:

  1. Chromatics “These Streets Will Never Look the Same” from “Running From the Sun” on Italians Do It Better
  2. M83 “Graveyard Girl” from “Saturdays = Youth” on Parlophone France
  3. Junior Boys “Like A Child” from “So This Is Goodbye” on Domino Recording Co Ltd
  4. Aphex Twin “syro u473t8+e [141.98] [piezoluminescence mix]” from “Syro” on Warp
  5. Arcade Fire “Afterlife” from “Reflektor” on Universal Music Group International
  6. Looper “Impossible Things #2`” from “Up A Tree” on Sub Pop
  7. Big Scary “Belgian Blues” from “Not Art” on Pieater
  8. Trans Am “I’m Coming Down” from “Red Line” on Thrill Jockey
  9. Aaah…! “Slip Away” from “Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 1” on Medical Records
  10. Purity Ring “Heartsigh” from “another eternity” on 4AD / Hostess
  11. Ladytron “Whitelightgenerator” from “Witching Hour” on Nettwerk Records

Second Hour:

  1. Alexander Robotnick “Cell Vache De Ma Mere” from “Vintage Robotnicks” on Medical Records
  2. Discovery “Carby (feat. Ezra Koenig)” from “LP” on XL
  3. Courtney Barnett “Depreston” from “Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit” on Mom+Pop
  4. The Replacements “Color Me Impressed” from “Hootenanny” on Ryko/Rhino
  5. The Mountain Goats “First Few Desperate Hours” from “Tallahassee” on 4AD
  6. Belle & Sebastian “Allie” from “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance” on Matador
  7. Bully “Milkman” from “Bully – EP” on StarTime International/Columbia
  8. Radiohead “Planet Telex” from “The Bends” on Parlophone UK
  9. The National “Val Jester” from “Alligator” on Beggars Banquet
  10. Sleater-Kinney “The Fog And Filthy Air” from “No Cities To Love” on Sub Pop Records
  11. School of Seven Bells “White Elephant Coat” from “Alpinisms” on Full Time Hobby
  12. TV on the Radio “Right Now” from “Seeds” on Harvest Records
  13. Wax Idols “Bad Future” from “No Future” on Hozac
  14. Moon Duo “ice” from “Shadow of the Sun” on Sacred Bones Records / Hostess

Author: djwikiben

DJ based in Berkeley, CA. Originally from Omaha, NE. Lived in Madison, WI for a while. Musical omnivore interested in electronic, garage, britpop, indie rock, hip-hop, funk and soul, among other things.

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