CD Review – Charles Bradley, Victim Of Love, Daptone, 2013

Charles Bradley, Victim Of Love, Daptone
Charles Bradley, Victim Of Love, Daptone

Library Classification: Rock/Soul
File Under:  B

Artist:  Charles Bradley
Title:  Victim Of Love
Label:  Daptone

Date(s) Recorded:  2012/2013
Date Released: 04/02/13
Date Received: 02/28/13

Clean:  All
Indecent:  None

RIYL:  Lee Fields, Otis Redding, James Brown, Daptone, Motown, Stax
Comments:  Charles Bradley has had a rough life. He ran away from home at a young age, worked as a cook while wishing he could sing, worked as a James Brown impersonator, and only has been discovered late in life (64). That being said, we’re lucky to have him. This is his second album for Daptone and the Screaming Eagle Of Soul is stretching his wings, and his voice to new places. He (and the band) mess around for a bit on Confusion (7). It’s a bit experimental for him, but it’s nothing too far from his formula. Plenty of slow jams: Victim Of Love (4), Where Do We Go From Here (8), Through The Storm (11). But I prefer the bigger, brassier numbers: Strictly Reserved For You (1), You Put A Flame On It (2), Let Love Stand A Chance (3), and Love Bug Blues (5). If you like soul, you should try to see him live. But if you can’t at least you can give this record a spin.

Play:  5-Love Bug Blues, 1-Strictly Reserved For You, 3-Let Love Stand A Chance, 2-You Put A Flame On It

Author: djwikiben

DJ based in Berkeley, CA. Originally from Omaha, NE. Lived in Madison, WI for a while. Musical omnivore interested in electronic, garage, britpop, indie rock, hip-hop, funk and soul, among other things.

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