CD Review – Django Django, Django Django, Ribbon Music, 2012

Django Django, Django Django, Ribbon/Domino, 2012

Library Classification: Rock / Electronic
File Under:  D

Artist:  Django Django
Title:  Django Django
Label:  Ribbon Music

Date(s) Recorded:  2012
Date Released: 09/25/12
Date Received: 09/07/12

Clean:  All
Indecent:  None

RIYL: Bear In Heaven, Yeasayer, Clinic, Grizzly Bear, Alt-J, Primal Scream
In a nutshell: British Art-School Psychedelia
Play: 3-Default, 4-Firewater, 2-Hail Bop, 10-Storm

Comments: The band formed in Edinburgh in 2009. This album came out in the UK in 2011, and in the US in 2012. NPR has featured them on First Listen, and the album is heaps of fun. Touring with Hot Chip (duh) in the UK. Fun fact: they have nothing to do with Jazz Guitarist Django Rheinhart, but get asked about him all the time. Cool harmonies over sometimes glitchy beats. Good guitar work. Nods to 90s & 70s UK Pysch, but in a decidedly electronic way. Solid debut.